Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hi guys are you out there are fond of electronic music and knowing who created them? You should look no further because the can provide you anything you want to know. You can check the biographies or profiles, images, and links to all of the artists. Isn't it cool? Yes this is really cool indeed, infact I start reading now who are they. It's amazing indeed how they came up to bring this electronic music into this world. So you should check out and see who they are at - An Electronic Music Community Inside a Big Orange Box. If you have known some friends that's been interesting about this stuff you should let them introduce this website. Everybody should know and have fun!

Press Release: is an online community of people that find interest in electronic music. We strive to promote electronic music and the artists that create it. features over 15,000 downloads of live sets and mix sets posted by our members. These live sets and mix sets are posted in appreciation for the artists that created them. You will find biographies, images and links for all the artists featured on the site. This helps in promoting the people that create the music which we love. takes much pride in being a site rich with information and knowledge. Artists and DJs alike can use the site as a stepping stone to help them in their musical careers. features a download area with thousands of live sets and mix sets, an online radio broadcasting 24 X 7, a forum, news articles, reviews, a chat room, and thousands of artist biographies.

Unlike other music sharing sites, we are based on a user point system. Members receive user points for contributing to different areas of the site.

Points are very easy to get. This site is a community which requires you to participate, be active, be social, contribute, etc.

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