Friday, June 22, 2007

Tag From Witchkitten

Sure this tag has made me venting out haha! My apology guys if you can read na parang galit c mother. But Im happy loving person inside out. I've never been hard-hearted but kind-hearted as always. I still believe we can forgive and forget no matter what. We can't let the hates stays in our hearts otherwise we couldn't be happier. Let the world know that we are HAPPY GO LUCKY! Well it's the other side of me. The other, the other side me lol! In real world Im a happy person!

Have you dated someone older than you?
Sure, my x-boyfriend before who was 2 years older than me and my wonderful husband now and Im not shy to say that he is way older than me. He is the most wonderful thing that God has given me.

Unforgettable high school memory?
Mine was a bad memory when my teacher kicked me and friend out of the classroom, actually I don't have any fault on that time, it was my friend who keep on talking and when I turned my head to her our teacher caught me and she thought I been talking to my friend/classmate during class session. Actually I hate that teacher so much, she didn't listen with my explaination even we said sorry but she said that our sorry wasn't accepted. It was one embarassing moment of my life. To think I have a crush in the classrom haha! I could see it was a bad timing since she was just been from previous class and she got pissed of something and so it she hits us with her angerness beyond her control. Even until now I still couldn't forget it. Well, I guess it's time for me to forgive and forget all that thing. She is not worth my time to look back. And not only her. There had another teacher that I don't like too, before I came here in US the two of us were riding in the same jeepney as our transportation going to another town. When I was sitting across to her this is what she said "Oh changed a lot, you are prettier NOW" So what? I know it was not compliment but sarcasim. I know she didn't like me before cos I was one poor among the students, oh well tough luck. To tell you she was just staring at me the whole time the jeepney was running. I didn't talk to much to her since I still have that scar in my heart, charing lol! Well, maybe she didn't think that I have beauty back then haha! Is it just the only press powder that the beauty of a person could be noticed? Well her, she is not even pretty though even she puts lots of make up on her face pura gaba! She is one gossip teacher. I could see it on her face. Well the lighter note is I have a lots of good memories than bad. I guess life is challenging! Don't You Think?

Ever hated someone so bad?
Yep, I'm sure I have, but as what I have said I must forgive and forget and I did it already, I just still can remember when someone is asking me. And not only that there are some who look down on me and my family. But now they treated us just like others or a bit special since we came here in abroad. Can you see how the money can change people's attitude? They would treat you good though! Very unfair.

Have you ever failed a subject at school?
Yeah I had since I stopped studying when I had final exam lol! This was during college.

When was the last time you said I love you and meant it?
Yesterday. We say I love you to each other.

What's the last thing you purchased?
A shopping galore for my little girl and did some groceries, is that counts?

Longest phone conversation?
To my family back home, 4 hours and friends here in US for like unlimited talk haha!

Ever put lemon in your hair?
No, never had

Stolen anything?
I can't remember anymore. I don't know why I still don't wanna accuse someone who steal even they did cos for me that's just only a thing. Am I silly? Maybe Im not thinking properly right now haha! or maybe I just don't care since I don't have a costly thing that being stole yet lol!

Had a crush on your neighbor?
Yes haha! not here. When I was in PI when I was still single. This time NO MORE! , maybe couldn't help admiring when I can see handsome guys. Well who couldn't? It's just normal kinda thing unless if you don't have eyes lor blind ol!

Lost a friend?
Simbako pito kalawd haha! Cebuano language.

Laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by?
Can't remember the exact date and time, for now I remember during my younger days when I was in elem and highschool, sitting on the swing look up high in the sky and make a wish and that wishes had come true. Thank you Oh Lord!

Felt an earthquake?

Yes I guess but it wasn't that bad, It's like unnoticiable

Touched a snake?
Ewww! NO WAY! Im afraid of snake, I get goosebump everytime I hear about this animal. I have one funny story but seems this will be too long to say. Anyway after seeing a thing on our kitchen I thought that was snake and to tell you on that time I was afraid to touch my feet on the ground lol!

Gotten in a car accident?
Knock on wood, never! Simbako pito ka lawd!

Had a party in your house while your parents were away?
NO! But bringing friends over and have karaoke

Used a fake id?
Never had to

Been lost?
Yes, this was during my first week in college. I thought I was riding the right jeepney to the right route back to my boarding house from school but heck I was really lost so I had to hop out of jeepney and didn't know what to do. I was really walking like 5 miles just to find my boarding house. I was so scared on that time and thought might I would end up sleeping in the street corner. I was still stranger in cebu city before lol!

Kissed in the rain?
Nah! I can't remember no more!

I would like to tag Juliet, Honey, Gretchen, JennyR, JennyL, Kris and whoever wants to do this assignment feel free to grab.

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