Sunday, June 24, 2007

Offline msgs!

My looking at the photo down below I posted is making me homesick though. Gosh I can't resist not to think of laying and swimming in the beach or pool. I know lots of people right now are having fun with their vacation.
When I opened my yahoo msgr this morning I recieved an offline msgs from my family (same as usual everyday offline msgs). They were asking me when we can go back there for a visit. Yes it's nice to know that they are quite excited to come home so they can play with Nicole and have fun in there. You know, there is no place like home. And one thing is for sure I can take my break, a lot of people there can watch over with Nicole and not only that since she is already a toddler she will be having fun playing with the kids. I couldn't imagine how happy she would be. She loves to play and play and play especially to kids. As what they have said I should make one more so she has playmate, maybe someday when Im ready.

Talking about vacation here is one of my fav fun time in PI.

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