Thursday, June 21, 2007

Good Timing

WOW Im so happy to get a good opps today. I must say it should be since I missed some good opps yesterday since I was too busy in our household. I needed it and working my mind out again. Don't you just love to see opps when you see the good price? I just love it indeed and I love to keep on going on and on. As what I have said that if only I have unlimited to get tasks I wouldn't stop till I drop lol! Im also so thankful that my little girl is behaving, she only watch tv for now and doesn't want to be pain in the butt. I guess she understood that Im working so hard here hehe! She thought ops my mom has a lot of fun, so why not having fun too watching my fav show. It's okay Nicole I will buy you more new clothes when I get another paid haha! I love you baby girl for being a good daughter. Let me finish here my child. Thanks of behaving and let it continue forever haha!

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