Monday, June 25, 2007

summer projects; Upgrade your lighting!

Absolutely summer time is here and just make people warm. It's bcos of that peole don't wanna be stay doing nothing cos it would just make them hottier though lol! One of the thing for sure most people would do during summer is redecorating inside their houses. And those stuffs to decorate would be great if we would get them in Im so attracted to their 1 LT MINI CHANDELIER savoy house lights . We really needed this in our dinning room. Although we needed a bigger chandelier but this gonna be the look like as I gonna post the pic below. But at first we need to have an electrician so we could connect this one. Hubby and I planned for it already to have them in Kitchen, Living Room and in our Master's Bedroom. Our house would be so gorgeous with this stuff put on. I can't wait though!

Click to enlarge

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