Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A funny Tag from Cherry Rose

I got tag from Cherry. At first I got confused if the google would really say my needs. At first attempt I wasn't succeeded but second attempt did. I thought I could only just read it in one sourceful given but you can read and find them in each googles sourceful gives you. Seems this is really kinda fun though and it makes me laugh right now what I have found. Check this out.

Instruction: Go to, write your name and the word "needs" in the google and click the Goggle Search button. Just for fun, see what comes out of your search. Write your name like this mine "Dauphine needs"

Dauphine needs to keep its weight advantages over the heavier, cars... (ha!)

Dauphine. Needs rescue... (Yes I think so if I drive, I get scared)

Dauphine needs to be stop sign on St.Philip the Dauphine traffic stops only 75% of the time... (what?)

Dauphine needs a hug... (Yes absolutely I love hugs)

The audience is not told why Dauphine needs his uncle"'"s money.. (ha! who's uncle? haha makes me laugh)

dauphine needs creation societe nord pas calais, gestion qualite entreprise.. (maybe)

Dauphine needs some rust too.. (why? where to put that rust? on my face? as my press powder? haha)

Okay I would like to tag Gretchen, Mimi, Julai, Honey, Wendy, Nina, Micamania. Emzkibabe, Emmyrose and a lot more who are on my lists.

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