Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Just woke up from napping

I just woke up from napping for some reason my daughter did wake me up too. I told her to turn on the tv but she cried after I told her that. Im wondering why! She came close to my head to the other edge of the bed cos I was sleeping sideways lol! I didn't notice she brought a cup for me to get some water for her, what she did is just cried. It's her fault too why she didn't say anything instead of crying. When I turned my head there I saw the cup. I woke up and went to the bathroom to get some water but it was not much though. I wondered why again she cried again. There I understood why cos she's asking for more lol! My poor baby I should known about that though. She is just like that when she just woke up she doesn't like to talk much but just cry when asking anything. But anywhay she is happy now and flipping her books and some of the post cards.

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