Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Such a Thoughtful Friend!

My friend in Hawaii had sent me some collection souvenier stuffs. Yes indeed she is such a generous person. She suprise me with it. I got a musical dancing hula doll, slepper key holder, handcradfted wood magnet and lots of post cards. Wow I was so amazed when I received all of them. I never knew till hubby told me that there is something package he got from our mailbox and I should look at it where it come although he knew about it already. Thank You So Much "Cherry" for being so thoughtful, generous friend. I owe you a lot. Im too shy already bcos the gift that I supposed to be sending for you have been stuck yet. Been so lazy to wrap it up. From your package it gives me lesson to move my butt for it and should be sending sooner. Once again Thank you, I just love the stuffs you sent for me! Those are lovely and gorgeous dancing hula doll hehe, for me this is imported and special since it came from hawaii. Aloha! Will call you soon!