Friday, February 16, 2007

Middle of Furious! Bad Hair Day daw?

Today been so busy for us to shop some new things for our house although the weather wasn't that good for us but everything went well and I had so much fun as usual. We had lunch at China Buffet before heading to Best Buy and Circuit City. We went home did some cleaning organizing things bit by bit and now it turning to be more homey than it used to be. I guess we should have done it before but bcos for some reason it was pending, but now Im kinda really eager to change things to new although some of them are not that too old like over 2 years old but I just have the urge to change them if hubby would permit me too hehe but he said it's fine lol! I know it's not easy to do all these things in a short time but I know we will get there pretty soon. I guess I just want to get it done sooner so there won't be bothersome in my mind which is lacking or whatsoever. For sure Im gonna have so much fun with my filipina friends later cos they can do disco inside hehe and hubby have planned to get a disco light since the stereo has built something for a disco lights, wow how excited it is. Im thinking that I could do dancing downstairs everyday with Nicole hehe! I felt sorry with hubby since he vacuum most of the time though I helped a little bit but I know it's not tiring as he is. There is still some stain on the carpet and thinking of calling a stainer company that would clean up cos hubby said he couldn't do anything with it just to vacuum them it needed some attention from someone.

We just got back upstairs and it's already past 2 am and still has the time to jot down something here in my blog, just to think I need to update this once in a while otherwise it would not be lively as it could be. As I was surfing and visiting my friendster page it came back to my mind what my friend told me who posted our pic in her friendster gallery during our younger photos that our neighborhood in Phil left a comment in our photo which is a bit "panaway ba" criticism about our photo especially she said it more on me. So I checked it there and read it, it really insults me deeply, I just ignored it for a while but then tonight what's in my mind that I visited back again to my friend's pic and re-read again the comment so it came up to my mind that there is really something smelly to what she said.. in her comment is like this.. "grabe naman na uy, mga local beauties, hehehehe.... bad hair days pa kaayo mo dha. labi na dauphin, heheheheh" do you think it's funny? so it hurts my ego and make me so furious. So I wrote something back there in my shoutout and in blog friendster. I guess she could read it by now so she knew what I feel and what she commented was a sarcasim and criticism. I bet she is just full of insecure of and jealous. Anyway you can ready my letter to her in my bravenet journal. Tuo tingali na dli lang ko masakitan na kong masakitan mangtas pa sa tanang mangtas, don't ever hurt me otherwise you can see dauphine can be tiger pod. Don't try me bcos Im not going to let you rest till I get revenge. BUt I guess I should have let it go since it's not worth to pay an attention for. They are just waisting my time!

Thank you ladies for coming by and read my entry in here. Im just venting all out my feelings as Im kinda exploding already and couldn't hold back it any longer.

Im not going to edit them for tonight might tomorrow hopefully. Take care everyone and God Bless You all!