Friday, February 9, 2007

My Hubby's Birthday!

Hubby's birthday went great! We held it in Red Lobster, I was thankful cos the waiting line wasn't that too bad, I guess we have waited for only 5 minutes and were being able to sit the four of us while waiting someone would take us to our designated table. Hubby just let us order whatever we wanted but I was being so hesistant at first since they are quite expensive but he just told us get anything you want and just don't think about it since it's his birthday how much they all cost doesn't matter. What a generous of him, I will be the one supposed to throw out a party not him since he is the celebrant but he knew and understand hat I don't have my own income hehe! Nicole was being so good just satt in her high chair, colouring on her books and make an acting, she's really a faker she can cry fakingly with tear without any reason at all. Her brother couldn't just believe all her acting and amused by him letting him hear she counted the numbers. I guess Matthew would just always surprise of Nicole's silliness things everytime since he's always out working, hang out with friends and school. Im so thankful he loves Nicole so much as a sister, He is proud of her cos he always introduce nicole to his friends in his work place and when some of his friends come over in our house.

This afternoon I got up late from napping, actually it wasn't that long nap since I went to bed with Nicole like almost 6 pm till hubby comes home. He was kinda disappointed when I just got up at 7 om, he told me that seemed I wasn't interested of going out to eat with them with his sad face expression. Oh my I feel guilty again, I really felt bad though why I keep doing this everytime on his birthday. THe reason is the weather was cold and it was really good of just staying in bed all warm, who would like to get up! Gosh I should consider his feelings right then. I guess ometimes Im abusing him for being an understanding guy since he always let me decide what and where to eat. Im so sorry baby I really didn't mean it, it's just my body and eyes weren't cooperating to get up and I even keep on yawning that time. I had to fight it and got over it otherwise it would end up disappointing, Im glad the sleepy head gone away when I changed Nicole's clothes and preparing things hurriedly. We went out like past 7 pm. I was even thinking that if ever there are lots of people waiting around and if we couldn't find a parking spot right away would be my fault again cos for being so slack that time. Thanks goodness it didn't turn out that way. Everything went smoothly when we got there and feasting the foods we got.

At 2 oclock in the afternoon our table and chairs were delivered. Wow they are so punctual of taking them home as what they have promised that they could bring our order in their time frame from 2 to 5 pm. So impressive workers, I hope service in the philippines is just like this and everything will go smoothly and make everyone happy. Now they are in the middle of our way in the living room. Im not sure we could do it tomorrow since it's hubby's work days, might it would be finalize this coming sunday by putting things away.

Im kinda excited organizing things so new friends can come to our house. I used to be really get ashamed if our house is in totally messed. I don't used to accept visitors when things are not organized. We really didn't do major things inside our house since we are planning of moving to a new found house but seems looking for a house isn't that easy, gosh it's pretty frustrating at times cos hubby depending on the location he wanted to get but seems no to avail the one we are looking for. He doesn't wanna live in a little far away distance either from his job. Anyway time will tell when it's gonna be. I guess it's time for me to put nice things inside the house so it will not be uncomfortable to accept visitors when they are in since of couse I want them to feel comfortable as well. Most of our stuffs are kinda old so I want a new ones. Now we are starting to buy new stuffs. Before I was being hesitant since it's a hassle of buying things when you are not going to stay in permamently and the space isn't that too big to put a lot of stuffs but I guess my mind would change, you know the plan would always change.

So some of my friend out there pls give me a time to fix up things here lol! Im too eager to see you in person and would like you to come to our house someday soon but one thing that bothers me is pls don't expect me to cook ha since Im not good at it lol!. If we have get together here just have a potluck haha just kidding guys, I will just buy foods outside nyahaha! I guess you can never taste my cooking. I don't know when should I learn, but who knows I could learn from you guys. Zima pls understand una karon ha, ulaw pagyud ko karon kay maulaw gyud ko sa among agi dri karon nagkatag pa kay wala pa na arrange gyud I hope this weekend ma arrange ni during our meeting. I can't wait to see you guys!

Okay gotta go guys. Take care and God Bless! I need to go to bed now since it's getting late! I don't want to spoil again my eyes of staying up too late cos I will be the one who suffers during the day which is not a good mood if Im sleepy head lol! Goodnight Everyone!