Saturday, February 24, 2007

My Friday!

Whewww! Im kinda tired right now. Seems you wonder why I always likes saying it lol! Well my laundry hasn't done yet and I will be looking forward to cook for dinner this afternoon. Actually I made already a mashed potato and it was succeed hmm with the help a little bit of hubby too lol!but I did the most thing I told him everytime let me do it so I could remember all the things. Seems Im getting addicted to cooking now cos imagine I cooked the mashed potato this morning for our dinner meal lol!. It's really fun but tiring! It's okay. Doing laundry is not that so hard since Im just going to put in the washer and dryer but the tiring part is folding them and ironing some of the clothes that needed to. Im kinda getting rest from Nicole's messeng up right now too since she's taking her nap session so I could be able to do lots of things around.