Thursday, March 1, 2007

Did some groceries at Asian Store!

When hubby came home I let him get his rest since he was so tired from his trip. Indeed he got it for long hours of napping. Poor hubby! I know how it feels being a traveler from trip even taking a plane would make us less engertic too. After he took his nap we went all the way down to Asian Store to get my food supplies. I know I didn't need them so much but then since he's asking me if me and Nicole would want to go out so I told him I guess Asian Store lol! I thought we gonna be late but thanks goodness they were still open like almost 7 pm or arrival in there. As usual the owners were kinda close to us especially the lady owner used to play Nicole, she just amazed how big Nicole is now cos the first time we met was when I was still preggy with Nicole and so until now she can see Nicole growing up and never could forget her hehe! I guess one thing she is being close to me and hubby is that she thought we buy a lot of stuffs inside their store but I guess it's not since I don't shop at their store every week anyway lol! I guess I should get what I needed and wanted. She would always say how lucky I am to have such a wonderful husband for me to get what I want. Uh oh! I guess she just said that to make my heart big and to always buy stuffs to their store lol! If that's the case if one of their big costumer Im happy to know about that atleast we help them through buying and they help us out too, just being vice versa.


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