Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Yes I made it!

Yes I made it, you wonder what is it? Hmm I woke up at 7 am which hubby almost ready to go downstairs for work. Thanks to him cos I was able to wake up by his noise while taking a bath. I knew he would have let me sleep and doesn't want me to wake up from sleeping. I got up and went straight downstairs preparing his cereal for breakfast then I got two lunch boxes for his lunch sandwiches plus just a small tupperware for his fruits since I let him bring it too, it's kind like fruit salad yummy yummy lol! It was my very first time preparing him a meal for work though. It was just sooo easy and I guess I can make it always since from this morning.

Now Im counting up the days more to go when I get the thing I like him to buy it for me. I felt so bad why I didn't do this so much. Im so happy making a meal for him and I should do this all the time. I know he doesn't force me to do meals for him and doesn't me to bother at all especially in the morning. I start this one so Im always gonna make it, it's not bcos I want the things why I do this but I should do this bcos I needed to take care of him and Im the wife and need to prepare his foods. Whoaaa Im kinda feeling guilty though while happy cos I made it this day! Hmm it makes me eager to cook more food for hime but of course Im not going to forget jotting it on the calendar how many days would left, way to go Dauphine, I know kaya ko to! He is only asking for a month cooking for meal but Im gonna this forever! I wanna learn to cook American foods and whatsoever that I can see any recipes in internet by surfing. It's time for me to know and take care of the foods. You know this is just the only thing I wasn't fond to do it's bcos I didn't feel like it and wasn't willing to learn but now "I DO". Im listing some of the recipes I got from friend and some from internet, love to get them and cook for hubby and family. Hope to keep it up! Fingers crossed!

I gotta go back to bed so I will be kicking and alive when we do groceries since a lot of aisle to walk through, needed to be vigourous lol!

Have a great day Everyone! Oh yeah before saying bye bye I would like to report our weather here, it's not so good though, the sun is not showing up and we have a cold weather today! Hmm whatever it is, it won't be the hindrance of going out shopping for groceries otherwise I couldn't cook, oh no!

Okay Have a Great Day Everyone!