Monday, February 26, 2007

Sleepy Head!

*Yawn* *yawn* *yawn*, Yes I am really sleepy this time as I woke up early in the morning at 6 am to prepare our breakfast, actually it's main for hubby and so I cooked also for Nicole and including me pod daw lol! It's kinda funnny cos there is a one thing that surprise me while I was cooking the egg and sausage, it was a biscuit that I supposed to bake in the oven, since it was my first time opening the can so I just started reading what's the direction and so on but one thing I missed out was that I didn't know it's going to pop after peeling it hehe! What a heck was it, to tell you it startled me and was paused for a seconds thinking what's happening lol! I thought I made something that was dangerous haha! Sigh this is what you get and meet through while you are start learning to cook. Hubby reminded me before that he will just be the one to do it and I miss his explaination since I just went downstairs and have a confidence I could do it myself. Now I know what to expect hehe! No more startled next time or meron pa? Wheeew!

I will be heading to bed soon and so as Nicole, I hope she gonna take a nap too with me even it is still morning but she woke up too early like me so probably, fingers crossed, so I can take my rest before going out and heading to North of Denver as there is a Farewell Party for our friend Suzane. It would be nice to have fun when we are vigorous otherwise I'll be lousy. Hubby would come home early today and we will go together to pick up a cake in grocery store and head to our destination. Gosh we haven't looking up the address in mapquest yet. I'll let hubby do it since seems I can't open my eyes for being sleepy head. Sigh I even still dishes that are waiting for my hands but maybe I'll wash it when I wake up later or before I go to bed.

I gotta go now friendship. May all your days be filled with fun and blessed! Take care!

Please read on my other blog as I have other update in there! See you also guys over there!