Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Feeling so sorry!

Yesterday I received a phone call from one of my friend. She is in Oregon right now together with her husband and her step-son. I never thought it was her number since it wasn't registered on my phone cos usually I don't answer the phone when the number is unknown or just being unregistered since I hate this business people keep on bugging me so I tried to avoid not answering the phone as much as I can or I give it to hubby and let him talk to them that Im not interested their products or anything cos if I will answer them back again it tends they force me to do so and keep calling back a hundred times which is really annoying.

Okay going back to my friend. They are relocating in different state from Montana. I felt very sad for her cos her husband has a colon cancer and anytime he could just die in their house. I knew this news since I got here. Both parties didn't know that one of them has kind of illness the bad part is this friend of mine would like to have a kid but rest is the history. This couple has a big business in 33 different states. While talking I was really engrossed what kinda business they have and I never thought that they are one of a millionaire here in US. I know it was hard for her to tell me might it may be sounded a brag when she tells me how much is there money. But when her thoughts was "what the money can do when the life is dying?! " added more thought "it's still useless, it can't buy a life". God is the only powerful and he is the only one can control when he can take her husband's life neither hers. I was so touch with her thoughts and ended up had a misty eye. I knew she's feeling down and devastated yet ready to accept what's the happening anytime.

Yes her thought is really true, there are some people who were suffering of poverty but still indeed healthy. Pls guys let's pray for her and her husband, I know prayer is the most powerful of all and we don't know miracle can happen anytime. Oh yeah this friend of mine Im talking about is like us a filipina. She is nice and good person inside out.

This is all for now. You all take care and God bless!