Wednesday, February 7, 2007

New Obsession!

Who couldn't resist with this new phone I found. Oh my my I just fell inlove with it from the very first time I saw it bcos of the color that looks so girly, it's really cool! don't you think?!. It's like I wanna cry of not getting it. Gosh what happened to me! Is this really the feeling being obsessed with a thing?! You know this phone is not that costly it's even free but too bad when I checked it on T-mobile they don't have that kinda model, I just stumbled it in Sprint Network when we shopped last monday at Park Meadows Mall. I couldn't resist of not touching it when we were inside the mall. I wish I could just buy the unit so I could use it anytime but for sure we gonna have to make a plan in their network but I can't do that since we have already in T-mobile. This might be the cheapest phone I gonna have but it doesn't matter to me, it's the looks I wanted and it's pretty small too. Gosh I couldn't imagine how would hubby's reactions when I would like a new one again haha! Here is the phone Im talking about guys where you can see at the left side. Don't you just fall inlove with it? Yeah I have a pink razr but why this became an obsession to me now?! For sure Im not going to get it this year since I promised hubby that I will just be getting a new one next year or so, I don't want either my promise will be broken again just like the last time when I obsessed the other one. Oh no not again! This is my problem everytime I go to the mall or store that has phones display, I find it hard to control myself otherwise I would really feel bad. I will try my best not to think about it! Hmm I just couldn't take my eyes off of it. Whoaaaa!