Monday, February 5, 2007

Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome everyone!!!

Guess who made this for me? I would like to announce our generous and kind-hearted person Juliet Boynton , who made this beautifully despite for being busy at her end but she still manage to do this. I just love it! To tell you she is one of the best person in this blogworld. A round of applause for her for being so kind. Jul, I owe you so much already. Thank you so much for being there for everyone when they are needing your help with all this stuff. Im so delightful to have known you. I couldn't thank you enough! Thank you, thank you soooo much! You are a true friend!

So guys bear with me if there are still missing about my profile and other stuffs to be fill up or edited. I was thinking of just sharing this to you all later but seems I couldn't wait for the excitement I feel being a member of blogspot. It doesn't mean I would have to say goodbye to bravenet journal cos you I have lots of keepsake in there to re-read somedays when I would like to and recalling back all those memories when I forget something. You know Im one of the forgetful person in this world lol! I guess no one can memorize each entry of their blogs since they are too many even maybe the genius once couldn't lol!

Now I could finally add more links of friends from all over the world as much as I could unlike the old one I have very limited and I just had to add them in my favorite instead. I know how it felt being not in the list, yah know what I mean guys even it's not a big deal but seeing our name in the list it makes us feel so glad being in the group. My bravenet journal is very useful for business thingy I joined for now but seems Im surrendering for advertising every task given lol! Imagine 4 taks in 48 hours, I never could tell that Im not messing up those ideas I have, whatever it takes is fine for me. It was my fault anyway for making it just in one afternoon, I should have making it for two days. Oh yeah do you know guys I received 5 dollars already in my paypal from blogvertise and I don't even know how to withdraw the money or use it online to buy some scrap just like you do over there girls, haha seems I need a lesson for that! Any ideas girls how to use paypal, it will be highly appreciated! It's my first earning since I got here haha! It feels great though when we earn our own income, don't you just agree?! even how little it is but I felt that I made it on my own. For now I felt that every penny we earn is worth to celebrate!

I guess I have to end up for now since Im getting too long. Hope it doesn't make you bored and sleepy lol! Once again thank you so much Juliet for making one for me and making it up beautifully. You don't know how happy I am.

Have a great day everyone!