Sunday, February 25, 2007

Travel Channel!

Tonight we watched the Travel Channel and guess what on the show? They shoot it in Phil, wow I was amazed and happy when I see Phil in tv show as I have been wishing before that they should have gone there and see the beauty of our country with the 7,107 islands to see. Hmm it was just kinda a bit weird since most of the show they taping about this "Unsual Food" ngeeek I said to myself how could they only shoot that why not the other good things, however Im still kinda happy those people around in the market in quiapo, I realized what a crowded people we got when I saw it on tv. The weirder foods is in Manila part since I haven't seen like unsual food like that in cebu. While watching the show my step-son asking his dad when we gonna go back to Phil, hmm seems he loves philippines so much and would love to go to Palawan as well and so as other places. Hubby just responded him back that we are still in the process of my papers to get a new gc. Fingers crossed to have a vacation in Phil this year. I miss the kaon and everything lol! just except when people are dashing coming home to meet us and always asking pasalubong aww! that hurts in the pocket lol! Yes I understand that I can give once but not over and over I can see a lot of faces everyday lol! Well, Wish Im a billionaire to give them anything they want lol!