Monday, February 19, 2007

Tiring and Sleepy!

Ahhh we just got back home from eating out in China Super Buffet near us. I never thought about it that we will go out to eat until hubby called me on his way home, I asked what's all about to celebrate, it's his youngest son about this prom being a prince. Oh okay, Nicole were still in deep slumber when he said that we must be prepared and telling me just don't change Nicole's clothes whatever she wears it's fine but no whatever her say I won't let it happen that just grab nicole without changing anything. So I grabbed her clothes right away out from her closet and dressed her up even she doesn't like it. She didn't fuss so much when I did it. I had to change my clothes as well. On the way to the resto Nicole was in a good mood but when we got inside the resto the chinese people met her on our way as usual they like to play and hold her up around, she didn't like it and opposing back saying NO, she cried and her dadda was in her rescue, I just told them that she just woke up and that's why gets cranky and so they understand, they just let them let go of her and give her time. When we had our food she wanted to do it on her own and with crankiness in her head. Everytime she response is shaking her head and a big NO, I call her maldita that moment. Later on she calmed down and being herself and start getting along with the people. There she had fun again playing the owner of the resto and the waitresses. After eating I got so tired I don't know why and so does hubby, he is now in bed being down snoring lol! I guess it must have something to do with our weather since it's raining. Sooner I will be gone to bed as well. Im kinda really tired as well and sleepy. I forgot to put a cover in bed, I was even thinking to do it but hubby laid their already and I can't do it this time yet maybe tomorrow hopefully.

Nicole on the other hand is playing with books sitting on the floor flipping over the pages. I hope she is going to sleep soon so I could sleep too.

I gotta end up here for now. I must be get ready to go to bed. I don't wanna be so tired when doing groceries tomorrow.

Goodnight Everyone!