Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Katugnaw sa kalibutan!

Hahay katugnaw naman sa among kalibutan ron. I hateeeeeeeeeeeeee it a lot already! Pls snow can you just come back on december, Im so tired nagyud. Sige nalang ta ani tikoko dri! Ma-apektohan mi sa sige nimo og snow kay walay lami sige lihok ning tugnaw permi. You are already too much. I want to get rest from you kaya pls hunong na intawn. It's been so long you showed up to us. I know you are pretty but always is not good napod. It's tiriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! I just wonder why you keep on dropping us, do you just love visit us or tease us? bcos of you lots of people get stranded in the street if it's too much. Heavy jacket to wear is no fun anymore. It even makes us sick! haaaay pahuway napod intawn so para pod kapahuway mi dri sa katugnaw. We had enough and too muuuuuuuuuuuch already. Unsaman imo mi patambokon pagmaayo para sige nalang mi ani og hagok! hahay ka walay lami dli ta kagawas sa gawas para magduwa among mga anak or lilili man lang para mutan aw sa adlaw. Palihug ayaw alihi ang adlaw para kasidlak dri sa amoang kalibutan. I hope you can feel what we wanted right now and be feel sorry for us. Pls hear us!

Like today instead I want to move around but when I sat on the recliner with Nicole it made us fell asleep. Haaay muandar gyud katamaran nato aning katugnaw oi! My laundry hasn't done yet. I should finish it today hopefully otherwise mapuno napod balik among hamper. I hate seeing things that scattered around, I consider it a mess if it's overflowing, it'ts not fun to see! It's annoying that is!

Okay adto nagyud ko mulihok na og balik. Ayo ayo mo diha tanan. Mubisita pako sa inyo taud taud. See you around guys!