Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Yipeee snow hasn't come!

Before I go to bed I just wanna thanks for tonight that the Snow Storm didn't come. Thank you Oh Lord! cos what I have heard we would have 12 inches supposed to be today the friday and now Im so happy Yipeeee! It's nice to celebrate just a sip of juice lol! I hope it won't come tomorrow otherwise it would be a tiring day again.

Im not sure tomorrow we would go somewhere we would like to go as you know family time together outing and anything else to think of, shopping would be the best for me hehe who wouldn't love it anyway. Hubby told me this afternoon that is he going to make the paper for the tax refund, yes he has never done it yet but he promised he's gonna do it tomorrow as it's going to be due otherwise he couldn't get the refund and whatever it is. I been bugging him before but seems he hadn't enough time to do it maybe bcos I always ask him to go out and just follow what I wanted to go but tomorrow I guess there will be no excuse to go out but maybe who knows! He can't stand my lips pouting lol! Spoiled brat but not rotten ha lol! Anyway I will let him stay home tomorrow and do the tax and do the my papers at the same time. I should give him the time to do both so there will be no bothersome later. Anyway anytime I can go out anyway during weekdays. Poor hubby he must be so busy this weekends. I can't wait also to have my green card soon so we can have our vacation if time permits us. If not it still okay for me since Im quite happy of doing other things that make me happy as well.

Our update about moving to another house, unfortunately we can't do it for now. Our neighbors they are selling their houses too and if we still keep on going while they are too might the price of our house would possibly go down as it sounded bad so we will just till they get done. We don't want any competition so our top price we wanted to sell our house wouldn't change. Sometimes it's kind stressful, might I would just change my mind and stay this house for more years or a while, let see.

Okay I gotta to bed now cos the time is 1:30. It's a good time to head bed since my hair is all dry now, I took a bath at 10 pm so that's why I stayed up late before I go to bed cos I don't want to sleep with my wet hair. I still do believe of my mother's advise since Im a good daughter lol! Hala maski sa uban advise still believing. Walay mawala man pod sa atoa diba? No time to edit cos my eyes are getting so heavy now kaya pls understand

Goodnight Everyone!