Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Day!

What a day for me cos you know what I was so sleepy all day long for some reason I wasn't able to sleep right away last night when I have gone to bed. I kept on tossing and turning my mind didn't just settle down for 30 minutes, where in the world my mind went? I woke up at 11 am this morning which is not enough for me, I still feeling dizzy and just want to go to bed but I was just able to take a nap when Nicole did but it didn't take that long it was only an hour, I need more that that you know lol!

As I have said from my previous post last night that hubby is going to do filling the tax refund papers which is he really doing since this morning. I tried hard not to bother him but I couldn't since Nicole made a scene downstairs with her daddy while me I entertained them with the songs of hanna montana which Im singing along with the karaoke of course I used the mic so for like less than an hour I bothered hubby which I shouldn't have done it lol! Eventually he got tired of it always keep listening the music all over and over again. So Nicole and I just got back upstairs cos she keep on touching things which are not supposed for her to touch, you know documents all over the center table and the couch. Everytime Nicole gets closer I had to grab her otherwise it would all be mixed up cos she couldn't resist.

So now Im just doing the laundry while facing the pc at the same time and Nicole is on her position watching the Disney Channel, good thing.

Goodnight everyone!