Thursday, February 8, 2007

My Hubby's Upcoming Birthday!

Yes, it's his coming up birthday pretty soon on Tuesday but I still don't know what to get yet and I haven't bought a card for him too, might I will get them this weekends. I don't want him being disappointed again for my carelessness cos last couple years ago I forgot his birthday and he very was disappointed that time. I understand him anyway since that time I only remember other people's anniversay or birthdays, I was really guilty on that time, the only thing I did was apologizing him to death and whatever I do I couldn't turn back time even I'd like to buy a card on the following day after his birthday but it's not a good exuse it was still my fault.

Last monday when we do shopping he got an advertisement flyer which the GS (Glamour Shots). He took it out ffrom his pocket jeans when were inside the card on the way back home. He told me thats what he wants me to get for his birthday my glamour shots lol!, I jokingly responded to him that my Im still kinda chubby might my face still looks so big in the picture lol! With that thought of mine he's always opposing it and telling me that Im not fat and chubby. Anyway might this will just be the one I get for him. But I was thinking instead of him getting a pic for a pamper not on the other way around cos Im not the birthday celebrant haha! but I guess I will follow what he wanted. I thin also he would like to have a studio picture of me a close up look face or any nice pics would do and also that's what his request since I want I told him before that I haven't been to studio long time ago already since I gave birth to Nicole for some reason Im too shy to have a picture taking of my chubby looks lol!

Last couple of weeks we were talking where we gonna celebrate his birthday. It's usual for our family to have it in fancy resto during birthday's/ anniversary or any kind of occasion since Im not that good of cooking to have it at home although he understand that. I told him I would like to have it in Outback Steakhouse since I miss their steak already but he responded back oh no it's my birthday I get to pick hehe! He would like to have it in Red Lobster, so then I told him that's fine with me and I will be getting then a whole lobster haha! Anyway the two of us were just laughing each other like a kids. Well I just love it sometimes we are making fun to each other and laughing out loud. He's gonna be 53 years old coming and counting. Im thankful to God for every birthdays celebration to each one of us. I love this man so much and Im always thankful to Him for the blessings he showered him and gave this guy to me, he is not only a wonderful husband, he is kind, simple, understanding and down to earth person. He always treated me as his loving wife despite for the age gap but Im always his prioritized. Thank you my beloved Husband! You are a blessing from above! Advance Happy Birthday To You! Everyday spending with you is the best day of my life! You and Nicole are my WHOLE LIFE! Im always missing you everyday when you go to work! I love you so much!