Sunday, October 28, 2007

What a lovely handbag but costly lol!

What an expensive stuffs of coach handbags and some other stuffs. This time I'd like to purchase handbag and wallet but heck when I browsed through their site their price is just too high. I know it is worth the price but do you think there is no more than important things to spend rather than this bag? Oh uh! I'd love to get one as my collection even just only one would be enough for me. When I see the prices it started from $100+ up $1000+. I saw the one I have like but seems I have to work hard to get one for me, cause it cost from $300+ to $700. Whoah I didn't see so much selection though. I hope I can find some which are cheaper and has a good style. I don't like to buy things that look old fashion style. Anyway I have to wait that is sale!. But when?

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