Monday, October 15, 2007

It's raining again!

My golly it is raining so hard in PPP right now haha! but the thing is I don't have enough space for them haha for I only got two blogs. They rained good opps for the day and it's like non-stop. Guys you should check out the PPP right now and be blessed of their opportunities. For sure you will be having bump on your head for having big and smalls opps for today haha. If only I have tons of blogs that has a higher PR that would be soooo great but since I only have two I only could catch 6 all in all and the bad thing for me is blogspot got small opps everytime. Tough luck haha. Well, still keep on smiling and shining! I should be glad I almost taking 6 opps for the day. For now I am catching one to finish my line haha.

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