Tuesday, October 30, 2007

In Relationship!

In a relationship we need to be sensitive to each one's need. Just like me and my husband we are open to talk to each other when we feel there is something wrong that we don't like. Through communication is one most important thing in relationship because without it relationship would never lasts and each party would never meant to each other as they parted ways and break up. Hubby and I loved each other so much and I believe we keep our relationship getting stronger everyday. Despite of misunderstanding sometimes but we don't let it ruin our relationship especially we are already in the stage of marriage. We both promise to each other that no matter what we cling and hold on tight. As we both living together everyday, we don't miss to say I miss you to prove we missed and loved each other. Love is wonderful I would say!

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Guide to Lap-Band Surgery said...

I agree.When you love each other you need to listen to each other.constant communication is really important.