Friday, October 19, 2007

Nikon D300

Indeed I had lots of fun using my digital camera. In a matter fact I can't go out without bringing it with me. I love to take pictures of my family alone, family events, nature and interesting stuffs. I got my digital camera couple years ago as my Christmas gift from hubby and I was so happy to received such nice gift and that was also my wish to have that time. I love the feature's of it since it takes very clear picture and easy to navigate. Since I got it, it's like I took picture almost everyday especially to my daughter's milestone because I don't want to miss a thing of her while growing up. These are one of my favorite collection kind of photos since I can see the difference of my daughter's feature from time to time. Unfortunately my digital camera is broken for some reason the lense won't come back in anymore. I was quite very sad about it but what can I do?! Since Christmas is coming I'm hoping hubby would get me another one and my best camera I have wanted is Nikon D300. I feel inlove with the picture right after I saw it by browsing at This is one of my top list for my wish list. Hope this wish would come true. Gusy you should also check out their website now because for sure you are going to love what they offer because they have a wide selection of cameras yet affordable ones. The best place to buy stuffs for gifts this season.

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