Thursday, October 25, 2007

Pissed me off!

I didn't feel good today at all. Because this lady had charged me $315.00 which supposed she is not going to do that cause she have promised me to pay it bi-monthly. But what..she did? She charged my card this morning ata and hubby had asked me what was that all about. Of course he has the right to know since that's our joint account. He would have never asked or bother that if he only knew what I have purchased in the first place. I told this lady I would only use my own money and wouldn't let my husband know what I purchase. Golly she tricked me and was so mad at her. Hubby was asking me to get a copy what did I signed cause he was being curious cause sometime I just don't bother to read. I guess he was only worried about me. He didn't bother about that thing what I have signed on the paper. So I took him to the mall and she didn't like this lady being a big liar and cheater. Although hubby said get the thing you have purchased after he saw the copy. Since I didn't bring it with me yesterday for some reason it has to be resizing. Hubby gave her the look which is for the first time hubby did it. I understand him anyway since he could tell might this lady what has been thinking if we can be tricked that easily. I hope she wouldn't do this to other customer cause for sure she will be kicked out from her job if their manager would find this out. Hubby didn't talk to her when she said come on sir have a chit-chat with us something like that. On the way to the mall I have reminded hubby to don't be so reacted since might I can handle it and I don't want this lady to be embarassed inside. I guess I stil have that respect for her. Anyhow I have learned a lesson, I shouldn't trust her anymore as what I have said from my previous pot.

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Ana P. S. said...

Joint accounts mo ha. Grabe, dakoa sab gi charged nimo oy. No wonder na pissed ka. Anyway, maayo ka kay 2 ra ban ha, akoa ay 4 and in counting pa lagi, hay. Ok ah, regards me.