Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Being Silly!

I really don't like when hubby is on business trip because it worries me a lot of taking care of Nicole just alone. Only I could do is watch her over and most of all pray to God that we are always safe. Especially Nicole is getting more into things. Sigh! Anyway I always pray and pray and I know God is always there for me and her. Right now she is sucking her pacifier. She looks so funny and cute with it. She wanted to be back as a new born child. It is funny because when she was new born she didn't even like it and woudl give a fuss if we force it to her as her comfort but no she hates it a lot. Anyway I have found that pacifier last night and saw me while washing it and wanted to play with it and her he goes she is being silly lol!

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