Friday, October 12, 2007

Slowly but surely

I'm glad I got some few opportunity from PPP. Even some are higher pay and some are just small it's already fine for me as long as I can earn for the day. That's what matters to me now. Since then I tried to slow down making opps not by rushing and then later on you'll find out that we make some mistakes making the task. THis time I am taking my time no matter how long I am writing the opps. Slowly but surely. Don't you just agree. Okay guys gotta go now cause I have one opps to make before I go down to have my lunch. Have a great afternoon everyone!


ChristineHaze said...

I agree 100% hehehehe. Ingon ana pud ko dugay kaau ko makahuman kay sometimes no idea gyud ko sa akoa task nga g take so mag research pa intawon ko maau, lol.

Congrats you been in the top earners for few days now.

Happy weekend!

race said...

that's good! slowly but surely kase talaga minsan parang gusto nating habulin lahat when we have the choice naman minsan to do what we want but in a relaxed mood. ako sa work i'm always in a rush bagay nga daw pangalan ko 'race' kase lagi akong in a race hehehe!