Monday, October 15, 2007

She must have wrong!

Golly I hate my headache right now. It is just unbearably. While at the same time I got dizzy. Ahhh what a life! I hope this will gone away soon. I hate after crying cause it will just gives me headaches big time.

On the other hand I called hubby in his office asking how he was doing and stuffs then later he told me that my doctor called him and telling me that I have missed my appointments to her. I thought she must be wrong cause she moved my appointment date to Octorber the 28th from Septembter something. I called the doctor right away to inform she had moved my appointment date. It was not my fault if I have missed my appointment to her last sept. Since she didn't answer the phone I just left the message and give a call back when she got a chance. Anyway I am glad atleast I let her know because she sent a bill a 100+ to my hubby which she is not supposed to issue it for us. I hope she will contact me immidiately and hear from her so soon. She must have been so busy right now since it is Monday busy day of the week.

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