Monday, October 8, 2007

Fighting back!

Gosh my little girl give a fit this time. I stopped her of playing my make up and my digital camera. She must have sneaked out and grabbed my cam when I was too busy. I was just wondering why there were lights of flashing so I then realized that it must be hers who is using the cam. She ran around and trying get away from me so not to catch her but heck I also had to be stronger than her otherwise she will break it in no time. She cried a lot while rolling on the floor kicking. To make her stop I gave her some snacks and now she is settled while also watching tv "Cory in the House". She loves that too infact she keeps saying "mama the house" lol! It's lacking of name Cory. I must have shown also a pic of her later cause when she put some make up. She looked like a little kitten. Sooo cute.

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