Saturday, October 13, 2007


I didn't notice I have a scratch on my right arm not until Nicole picked it. I just realized it hurts when she did it. When I checked there had the scratch and maybe it bothers to Nicole by looking at it so she tried to get rid of it lol! It hurts really. It's like 2 inches long scratch. I bet I got this when I was cleaning up here upstairs and must have tipped on sharped edge without me notice it. I felt sorry for my arm though cause I always very careful to not be cut or hurt. I hope this will gone too soon so it doesn't bother me anymore. By looking at it I told to myself I am being careless. On the other thing I also got light scratch on my right leg, I found it out when I woke up this morning cause I was just wearing short when I went to bed last night. Gosh I wonder where did I get this one. I'm just glad it is not as bad as on my right shoulder. There are just times we can't be too careful. Don't you think?

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