Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Rejected & Approved lol!

My blogspot was rejected in PPP, their reason is my blog hasn't been 90 days yet. It's okay, I have known their requirements before but I just have tried to see if they really approved since I been updating as much as I could. But on the lighter note that blog of mine has been approved with the other site so Im quite happy about that. I guess I should consider other site than focusing to only one which they have opps to offer. The only thing for me now using my other blog is to familiarize how to use the HTML everytime they give me the links since it's quite different in bravejournal. I have tons of opps to take but so far I made only two for this night.

Just facing a lot in pc making my eyes a little blurry. I have to wear my eyeglasses next time cos it woudl surely help. I don't know I just don't like to wear and use it when I do work here in pc since Im a near-sighted but now I have to put it on to help out.