Thursday, March 15, 2007

Just blabbing around!

Im kinda getting sleepy now and so I must have to head to bed real soon. Just kinda tired though maybe bcos my ****** is coming too soon. Im wondering it didn't come yet since it's already 11, it must have come since yesterday. Something delays here. One of the signs is really exhaustion and just wanted to stay in bed and sleep the whole time, well not this time anymore since I just love keep facing on my pc doing something that's fun for me. I never give up till I drop down lol! But Im being good managing my time of going to bed already since last the other night and hope it will long lasts lol!
Tonight Nicole seems very funny. She is like a tape recorder that keeps on repeating whatever she hears from us. Now most of the time she's saying Geeez, What? I don't know, I know!!, good thing without Luiz in it haha! Silly little girl When she'd like to talk she is soooo noisy as if the echo is everywhere, she'll just scream on top of her lungs but when she doesn't want to talk she'll be so quiet and wouldn't like to be bothered as if she has her own world.
Earlier I visited my Frienster page and greeted some of the mothers like me but unfortunately I haven't done all yet. Im still halfway greeting them. I will continue tomorrow hopefully. I had to stop since hubby came home and had to meet him downstairs.
Okay times up and need to think what to do before going to bed.