Monday, March 12, 2007

Good morning guys!

My goody early in the morning as Im surfing through to do my tasks in PPP but sadly most of them are all been taken already!My my my!!! I can't believe it! Seems like people were just staying all night long for the opps lol! Whoaaah I couldn't make even one for this hour so bet I will wait for more hours to have an available ones to take. Goodluck to me next time! But I love it though to think a lot of peope love to do their tasks. It's kinda fun for me to think. I couldn't imagine if just all of us gather while doing the tasks.

Anyway Im here now woke up, it's miracle that I type here bcos mostly this hour I just check through and go back to bed since it still so early. I wasn't able to make breakfast for hubby since I woke up late though hehe! So now that Im up so my little one is here beside me too thinking of what to do for her first mess lol! For now she's having fun looking at the disney channel while Ohhh & Ahhh are going on! Oh well it's "Higgly Town Hero" now. Later on we will be heading down for breakfast, seems my tummy is grueling for something or is it just a gassy tummy since our dinner was pizza. Don't know why I have this everytime I eat it and mexican food.