Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Good morning!

Good morning everyone! Hope your day and ours here will be great and blessed! Here woke up early to see hubby before going to work and lurking around here in pc since he is already gone.
But wheeewwww! Im not really feeling good today as I have my monthly visitor that paid me a visit lol! goody goody it makes me really tired and just wanna stay in bed, got a little headache and my tummy feels funny though! I always feel like this everytime it comes sigh!. Okay move on!
THanks goodness the sun is up so might later I could bring Nicole out if I feel like it. I needed sunlight so my rose-plant would get back to blooming as it is getting wilty bcos of no sunlight yesterday. I put this in my altar. I felt sorry with it though! I guess we human being needed to expose also to sunlight even for sometimes to refresh us back.