Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Kinda relaxing!

Now Im relaxing after cooking, eating our brunch most especially do cleaning vacuuming again downstairs. How nice to see them being organized again. Although it was not a lot of hardwork, just bit pieces of things that dropped off on the floor. And now Nicole is taking her nap since a half hour ago which is good thing cos Im going to clean our room again by just arranging stuffs. Just too bad I wasn't able to fix the bed before Nicole has to sleep in it but it's okay I will do it later since it's not that so messed up anyway. On the other hand Im thinking of doing the laundry again which our hamper is getting full again with dirty clothes. I still have those Nicole's clothes in the drier to fold up. And oh yeah before I forget I hope I can do clean the top of the drawer which I supposed to put all Jesus image and saints. I needed to move my altar cos Nicole is destroying my arrangements on our side table. I have to put it the highest I could possibly do so she can't reach them up. Im kinda looking forward of my finish altar soon.