Thursday, March 8, 2007

Tired and Sleepy!

We just got back up to have our dinner. Im totally full and exhausted. We just ordered pizza from Papa John and pigged out together with hot wings while Nicole had her nuggets. Okay as I have said before that I have to vacuum this afternoon and so I was able to do it but gosh it drained me out. And now Im ready to go to bed since Im so sleepy but I have to do my tasks first before heading to bed. I guess I will do just three more then up. I needed badly rest cos I been staying up late in a row. I needed to be vigorous again to be more stronger and braver nyahehehe! where the hell my thoughts going? lol! Nah! I just don't have too much to say for now so my topic is just everywhere as much as I could thin.

Nicole on the other hand is still not asleep yet. She's playing around with her toys. I know she's going to surrender them later and ask for milk. Oh yeah speaking of her I was laughing hard when she asked me some of my buffalo wings. I told her is not good for her since it's spicy but she still keeps asking for it so I had to give her a little. Haha she has a funny reactions they way her voice as if it was the spiciest thing she'd ever tastied, her sounds is like hassssssssh hassssssssssssh! haha! but then she still keep asking for more so I just gave her the bone so she couldn't bite anything on it.


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