Saturday, March 10, 2007

Another round story of my little girl

This time Im chatting with my family back home while doing my tasks. Whoaaah sort of multi-tasking and also while listening the Mulan show on Disney Channel. And finally Nicole asked milk already so it means she's going to sleep real soon. Before asking a milk she had to watch tv while sitting on my lap which is tiring cos I have said before she's getting heavier and heavier everytime. My! my little girl is no longer too small. She's way too big this time. Looking at her everyday I asked myself where was my little baby that I used to hold? My how time really flies so fast and now I missed her being a very tiny one that I used to carry everytime I pick up. But now she wants to do things on her own and started talking back at us. Now her new learned words is Poo poo and I don't know. Lately I been wondering why she came up just to count the numbers the 9 and 10 which she used to count from 1-10. I finally figured out cos when we watched tv downstairs the cho cho train lady sang the 9, 10 hehe so that's where she imitated although the lady been counting from 1-10 but it some sort of grouping the numbers when she's singing it so Nicole just pick the last ones hehe!