Thursday, March 22, 2007

Knows how to lock and unlock??? my goodness!

My goody! What should I do now my little girl knows how to lock and unlock our door by herself now! Gosh how come she pick it up pretty quickly. Ugh we don't have escape no more from her! It's just like almost everything she can get it right away. I bet she wanted us to buy more locker, hmm will see if she still she can reach it up. Will see!
Now she's playing our main door here in Master's Bedroom, she thought she can get away when she just wanted to walk out the door?! Woweeeweee wooowooo! I told her a while ago to close the door but she's opposing me and responding back NO with the action of her right hand, ugh! maybe she felt she's big enough already?! Hmmm will see little girl if your really can be a naughty all the time lol!
It's so funny though cos she could knock the door just like the adult does hehe. While when she's asking if you are there? it's like this waaaa waaaa waaaa! hahaha! It is so funny little girl indeed! She's started singing Twinke Twinkle Little Star which her twinkle twinkle is kol kol kol naaa staaaaaaaa! She's good in tuning though and in between the pause she has to breath deeply in to sing more lines haha! Especially she's good at the very ending in what you "aaaaaaaare" with prolonged thingy hehe! More things to say but I must end for now. I will tell some more of her silleness to my other new blog. Yes I have another one again. So aabangan nyo guys lol!
I gotta go now bring her out while the sun is still up!