Saturday, June 26, 2010

Total Health and Well-Being

I just came from the crewfish party and had so much fun with my friends. I got nothing to do after browsing through my Face Book account and my yahoo mail. I was thinking of going straight to bed but when I stumbled into the site of it got my attention and made me stay here longer to know more about it. The Oasis Advanced Wellness was founded by Loretta Lanphier, ND, CN, HHP in order to help meet the needs of those looking for natural alternative healt care without using drugs, surgery or even radiation. I think this is really cool site. Honestly, as I arrived here in USA any kind of drug medicine is doctors option to take to be able to recuperate and heal. Sometimes I get scared that every time I feel something drug dosage is the answer. I want to learn something new which is the information that totally educates toward the goal of total health without taking drugs. The Oasis Advanced Wellness is introducing amazing products that works great like the Oregano Oil that content vitamins and minerals, promote digestive health and promote as an anti-microbial. This also used with foods to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

Learn about Bio D-Mulsion, as this will help to the people who are lack of Vitamin D. Their Vitamin D is micro-emulsified to enhance absorption. I honestly need this because I don't get to have sunshine every day as I am very lazy to go out sometimes plus not to mention in winter time the sun is rare to come out strongly. I actually learned a lot tonight! The Oasis Advanced Wellness is worth visiting for!

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