Saturday, June 26, 2010

Crawfish Party

I had fun today. My married couple friends held a crawfish party at her house. My close friend and her husband picked me and Nicole up here at home. I was glad! They actually dropped me back home as well. I owed them much though! Anyway, as I walked into their house I could smell the Filipino foods were served on the table. Jocelyn made plenty for us. I also got to meet another two Filipina. The crawfish came after an hour as Jocelyn's husband cooked it and served it hot. It was my first time to try such seafood and it is good. I thought it only needed salt while boiling it. I got some as take home for my husband. We had fun pigging out different kind of dishes and singing with the new found Filipina. She has a nice voice as well. The rain poured and kids were having fun playing in it. I forgot to bring extra clothes for my daughter. I wasn't really expecting for rain shower.

We came home almost 10 PM. I had wanted Nicole to take a bath but she refused as she's already very tired. I was worried though she might catch cold or something. She just got recovered from fever and cough. Right now she is sleeping. She talked a lot of things to her dad before falling asleep!

That is about my day so far!

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