Thursday, June 24, 2010

eye glasses

I wouldn't know what to do without eye glasses. Without it I am blind. I couldn't see steps farther away. I wore eye glasses since when I was High School. Although it irritates me when I am working but I couldn't dare to just leave them behind my desk or in any corner of my house. Eye glasses are my bestfriends wherever I go. I am a near-sighted person so whenever I go out I always wear it. Especially here in USA no one can drive if needed some vision correction. Eye glasses are a must otherwise you can't go anywhere. You are like disabled person!

It has been our genetic to have blurry eyes as we grow older. I only hope my daughter wouldn't get the same thing. It looks like she has a bright round eyes. I make sure she eats good foods and sleep good in night time. Sometimes I think about of eye lasik but I need to know more about how I qualify. Honestly, I dread having eyes surgery. For now I will keep wearing my eye glasses. Eye lasik is just my last option. Oh well, my eye glasses had been so good to me and I look gorgeous on it HAHA!

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