Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hope not!

Oh gosh I hope I am not getting any sore throat. It starts aching right now though. There are many kind of virus going around this time. My little girl is a healthy kid but few days ago she was being hit by the fever and slight cough. Thankful she didn't get any sore throat or tonsilitis. She is already recovered and healed. I am not a sickly person and too rare to get any kind of allergies. I make to the point that I clean the house good so nothing can be the caused of sneeze and coughs. Hopefully, this coming days I will clean again. Lately, I couldn't do it as I have some parties to attend. The house is not so messy so it is still okay to live in the house HAHA!

I will drink plenty of water tonight to get rid of achy breaky throat LOL! I am getting so sleepy in here!

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