Sunday, June 20, 2010

Safety and Pools This Summer

This guest post written by my friend Erika Sturdivant

If you have ever had a swimming pool you may be well aware of the dangers there can be that accompany the pool. Swimming pools can be a great deal of fun but they also carry a great deal of responsibility especially if you are the one who owns the pool. For the sake of your own children it is of utmost importance that an adult, supervisor or lifeguard is always watching the children like a hawk while they are in the pool swimming around. No matter if they are outside for five minutes or five hours they should not be for one second left unattended in the water. Anything can happen while they are swimming and someone always needs to be there to make sure that everyone is safe. It is also important to have a home security alarm installed as part of one of the ADT security packages in Reno on the gate that is on the fence surrounding the pool. If you do not already have a gate with a fence you need to get one by law. The security alarm on the gate stands as an extra measure to notify you and the police in case a little tot from the neighbors house comes wandering over and decides to push it open and take a swim on their own. This alarm will prevent any possibly fatal accidents.

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