Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A fun day!

I am so tired right now from strolling at the Mall, visiting at the Park, got home then went to my friend's house. I told to my husband I am tired and he said that I must be since I was out since 1 PM and got home at 9 PM.

At the Mall my friend looking at the stores that are hiring. I guess she wanted to go back to work again after her one month and a half vacation back home. I assumed she got tired staying at home as she used to work before taking a vacation. After strolling at the Mall for over two hours we decided to go to the Park to let our kids play. I wasn't really willing but I just had to nod when my friend said about the Park. The reason is I didn't want my daughter exposed under the heat of the sun as she already had burn on her cheeks and nose. The sun was too much to bear. My daughter cried as she wanted to play but I told her she should wait until the sun would go down. I let her lose after five minutes of waiting as the sun suddendy shut down, then went back after few minutes. Oh well I just let her play but made sure she wasn't facing at the sun. Then drove home to get dried fish, rice and other stuffs as we thought to cook at my friend's house.

Yes, I had dinner at my friend's house. We grilled pork chop, chicken adobo, and fried fish. We indeed had a good dinner and watched one movie and one drama of Maala Ala Mo Kaya.

After the drama was over my friend took me back home. Now I am here at home updating.

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