Tuesday, June 8, 2010

She answered it all!

I am kind of a little sad right now because the homework that my obgyn gave me yesterday was already filled up by my daughter. Yeah she wrote anything on it like answering all the questions in the blank. She didn't understand but she just had fun writing anything on each question. I called hubby right away to let him know and if he could do something about it like print out new pages. I was worried that what's written on the blank will be copied on the new papers. But I am glad that hubby will take care of it, meaning there is a way out. My daughter was asking sorry while crying. I understood and I couldn't stay too long to be mad at her. She was worried I was mad at her. Poor little girl. I reminded her to not touch things don't look familiar to her. Ask me first before do anything else to it. She nod and back to being a happy toddler. Right now, she is ripping papers off. She is like a shredder lol! What makes it more fun to her is she puts pieces of paper in a dry flower base and pour out in the trash. What a shallow happiness lol! I love her so much!

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