Friday, November 16, 2007

Went back downstairs

My little girl right now went back dowstairs to play with her kuya and daddy. I guess she knew well that I'm focusing on my work and just left me alone here! It is not that I don't care with her and don't spend time with her infact I am very good of managing my time between work and family. I love to play with my daughter and takes care of her very well. It is just a good thing that she is into tv and she learned a lot of things. Indeed tv shows is a big influence to her as part of her intelligence. She is indeed smart little girl. She could infact pointing out all of those the things she saw on tv and mentioning by calling ther names with her excitement. People amused her everytime cause she is getting so excited when she sees characters in the store that she had seen on tv. She has a good memorization and a good talker.

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