Thursday, November 8, 2007

Give the gift of NYC this holiday with a CityPass

I have been to several states but I haven't been New York yet. As what I have heard from majority that it has such huge buildings which is ours here in our area are just nothing to compare in there and how tons of entertainment in there that's worth to visit for. It keeps bothering in my mind that when do we be able to go there. New York is beautiful even how crowded the city is but I don't care. In my mind that's why it's crowded because a lot of people like to live in there and tourist love to see those spectacular views that the place has to offer. I'm so eager to go to this State someday and hopefully it will be soon. One of the things I consider to do there is Metropolitan Museum of Art and the new Greek and Roman galleries, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Guggenheim Museum and the American Museum of Natural History and many more in my mind. And the thing is how to get in there? For sure we need to have a ticket. I have found such a great deal of tickets for me and my family at as for our New York CityPass. Which they offer tickets to six of the city’s icon attractions in a pocket-sized booklet that we can buy in just a half price. Can you believe that? Instead of fighting to fall in line in the middle of the crowd why not just buying it online, so easy and will the ticket right away. So guys check out their website also if you are interested. This our chance to go to New York with very cheap ticket we can avail. Not only we can have lots of fun in there but to save some money from the tickets to purcahse. Tell you they have everything to offer which you could ever think of. This is the great chance for me to go there especially this kind of season for coming holidays. I want to see a lot of things that I have never experience before. This is one of my dream to go there and I hope my wish would come true someday or soon.

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